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Red Eye
210 EUR / 240 USD
VAT excl.
Red Eye

LED beacon/recognition light

Red Eye lamp is typical beacon/recognition light, flashing with red light. It is designed for LSA, Ultralight, KIT and Experimental aircraft. The lights is very compact and efficient, always ensuring you to be clearly visible in the air and on the ground.




Red Eye monolith encapsulation ensures that the lamp is water and vibration resistant. The state of art construction does not allow any dust to come into the lamp and moreover its electronics is protected against reverse polarity connection.





Advanced optics together with special reflection system and high brightness CREE LEDs are providing outstanding performance and brightness output much higher than required.






New generation of Red Eye is having strobe light controller integrated in the lamp capsule. Now installation and connection process is much faster, easier and you don't have to look for an extra space for external flash controller.



Technical data 
Beacon light color RED 
Operation voltage range 11,8 V - 14,8 V
Weight 50 g
Operation temperature range - 35°C to + 60°C
Current 3,4 A in peak
Input power 40 W in peak
Light angle 360°
Luminosity 2000 lm
Flash frequency 120 flashes/min
Encapsulation Monolith of UV resistant epoxy resin
Flash control unit Lamp built in
Reverse polarity protection YES
Warranty 2 years


Download the 3D model

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