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Let us introduce you NEW Navigator Ultra! Happy annoucement that lately we’ve been working on upgrades of our basic products.
Upgraded model has additional synchronization feature and it's brighter than the previous lights from the series.
Navigation and synchronized strobe features are providing more outstanding performance with much more LED’s than the previous model and brightness output much higher than required.

Since now you will be able to synchronize both wingtip lights with our upcoming anticollision/beacon lights - new model of Tail Star or Red Eye.

Moreover, set of wingtip navigation lights together with anticollision/beacon light is practical, safe and professional solution.

Feel safe and be visible! Equip your aircraft with new upgraded model by placing the order here

We hope you are doing safe and healthy during these times,

In case of any questions, feel free to contact us info@aviolights.com

Healthy days and safe landings!
Team AvioLights

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Due to changes in shipping process and export procedures to the United Kingdom, we announce that

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